Hot5 Workout of the Week – Cardio Crush

Cardio Crush

Cardio Crush

Equipment: None

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  1. Functional Warm Up by Marc in Yoga & Flexibility
  2. Home Cardio by Jennifer in Cardio & Agility
  3. Cardio Mash Up by Jayme in Cardio & Agility
  4. Power Cardio by Gerren in Cardio & Agility
  5. Plyo Cardio Burn by Victor in Cardio & Agility
  6. Yoga Twist by Miranda in Yoga & Flexibility

Cardiovascular training is one of the best things you can do to make your muscles shine. You can do all of the ab work in the world, but without your cardio training, your six-pack may stay hidden under subcutaneous fat.  So get your heart pumping and join us for our Cardio Crush Workout of the Week!

This 30-minute workout will get your oxygenated blood flowing and your most important muscle thumping. This Workout of the Week will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. Remember to focus on breathing all the way in and all the way out and you’ll get to the finish line!

This cardio workout will utilize all of your muscles while keeping your heart rate elevated. Moving through many planes of motion, it will also engage your core and upper and lower body. You’ll use your own body weight throughout and you may be surprised by how difficult that will be.

Marc will start you off by bringing your heart rate up with his Functional Warm Up. From there Jennifer, Jayme, Gerren and Victor will guide you through a series of cardio drills that will push your body and soul to the limit.  Miranda will meet you at the end to wring you out and cool you down with her Yoga Twist series.

In order to maximize your results with this 30-minute workout, aim to get it done at least 4 times this week (or really challenge yourself and fit in 6 times!). If you are just starting with us, go at a pace that makes sense to your body. If you do cardio training regularly, then you know the drill.

Your heart will thank you, while your muscles glow with definition!


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