HIIT and Be Fit–Top Trend 2014


By Jayme Boyle

This is the holiday season. You are busy. You need a good plan to stay on track. Providing you are healthy and your doctor gives his stamp of approval for physical activity, you can start today and not be derailed by shopping, parties and family visits, all that must be fit into the closing of 2013. You can do both – expend calories, stay in-shape and spread holiday cheer without adding inches to your waistline.

THE PLAN: HIIT workouts are short in-duration, they requires a maximum expenditure of energy. Push 100% then recover, completing a set amount of intervals best programmed for your workout.

Research released by ACSM’S Health & Fitness Journal: November/December 2013 – Volume 17 – Issue 6 – p 10-20 named top fitness trends for 2014.  The #1 winner is a personal favorite for quick and effective workouts. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) burns calories and take less time than more traditional cardio workouts.

INTERVAL TRAINING: Quick and Easy Recipe

1 min Burpees
1 min Skaters
1 min  Walking Plank
1 min Run in Place
1 min Lunges

HOW TO PUT IT TOGETHER: This routine when performed three times, will vary in overall duration depending on your fitness level. Start with a 1-1 ratio. One-minute of work to one-minute of rest. You work hard for that minute then recover as needed to perform again. As you get stronger, the breaks between each exercise will shorten. Do not cool down completely. You must stay activated and engaged. Remain focused and challenge yourself. Don’t be distracted during your breaks, instead mentally prepare for your next bout.

CUSTOMIZE: Add in your favorite cardio routine by powering up a hill for one-minute. Use the decent to recover. Possibly you power walk or run a flat for one-minute, then recover. Make it more complex and chose an exercise from above, then walk to recover. Perform the next exercise, rest and walk again. Maybe you charge the hill and at the top you rest then do an exercise as your next interval, alternating between cardio intervals and the exercises above. Need more? Then power up the hill with squat jump-ups and really feel the burn!

HIIT training is amazing because it’s about duration and intensity with recovery, rather than specific skilled movements. You can do just about anything in that interval to challenge your body. Yes, HIIT is that simple to choreograph. Comment with your best stories.

Hot5 launches a new trainer, Gerren Liles


Hot5, a mobile fitness startup based in San Francisco, just launched its newest trainer – Gerren Liles. Gerren is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor based in New York.

Gerren’s focus in the high intensity, quick workouts app is power conditioning. The workouts encompass total-body exercises with multi-planar movement, core strength and stability, deep range of motion, and explosiveness. Most exercises are done through interval training as a way to improve the metabolic conditioning and increase fat-burning potential.

Like all of the trainers on Hot5, Gerren brings his own philosophy, perspective and personal fitness story to the app. Fitness transformed Gerren’s own life and he’s eager to bring the desire to understand how the body works and how to improve it in a way that is unique and enjoyable.

As a former school teacher, he always understood the importance of motivation in any undertaking, being thorough in your approach, and consistency in your practice. Being someone who has also experienced health complications, he’s especially vigilant about helping others avoid the same pitfalls he did with his diet and exercise regiment. Hot5 is another avenue for him to share his love of movement, fitness, and life.

If you haven’t tried the free app yet, Hot5 offers quick video workouts with real personal trainers. It’s designed for people on-the-go to supplement their existing workout routine or get five to 15 minutes in as a way to stay active and fit.

Hot5 uses the principles of high intensity circuit training to a variety of short and effective five-minute workouts. From high intensity cardio, to kettlebell training to Yoga flexibility flow, anyone can find a perfect routine for how the mood strikes. The bite-size content is a perfect fit for an active mobile lifestyle.

The app launched in August and has enjoyed a great success so far. Collectively people have already spent more than 500,000 minutes working out with Hot5 – that’s a lot of calories burned!

Hot5 is available as a free download on the AppStore.