Hot5 Fitness: Quick mobile workouts. Anywhere.

Hot5 Fitness offers 80 short and effective workout videos specifically designed to rev up your metabolism for an optimal calorie burn!

Do 5 minutes at the end of a jog to work your core. Do 25 minutes of yoga flow in your hotel room. Do 50 minutes of full body workouts and feel the burn! Hot5 has brought together some of the best methods and trainers who will motivate you through a variety of exercises, from beginner to expert, Yoga to HIIT, there’s a workout for everyone.

Move better, feel better and look better – Train like you live.

Download Hot5 FREE on the AppStore
Hot5 Fitness


– High-quality workout videos that will get your heart pumping
– Custom music synced to the workout for maximum intensity
– Workouts stored locally so you can workout when traveling or offline
– Compete with friends and motivate them with inspirational quotes
– Track the calories you burn during and after your workouts
– Monitor your week-by-week progress
– Save your favorite workouts

Learn more about Hot5 at

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