Hot5 Workout of the Week – Leaner Legs for Shorter Shorts

Leaner Legs for Shorter Shorts Workout

Equipment: Dumbbells

Tip: With Hot5 Premium you can favorite these workouts and then rearrange them in the Favorites tab to create a playlist.

  1. Functional Warm Up by Marc in Yoga & Flexibility
  2. Chiseled Legs by Loni in Butt & Legs
  3. Sculpting Legs by Loni in Butt & Legs
  4. Body & Booty Pump by Jennifer in Muscle & Strength
  5. Full Force Agility by Gerren in Muscle & Strength
  6. Full Body Stretch by Miranda in Yoga & Flexibility

Shorts and swimsuits are still the standard for the season so jump in and join us for the Lean Out Your Legs Workout of the week.  This 30-minute Workout of the Week is very demanding and will leave no lower body muscles unturned.  

Marc will wake up your body with his Functional Warm Up, Loni,  Andrey, and Gerren will guide you through a series of exercises that will demand the best from your legs and Miranda will catch you at the end to open up your glutes and hips for the Full Body Stretch.

This lower body workout incorporates agility, balance and many planes of motion so your core will also come alive while your legs are working hard. You’ll use your own body weight in addition to dumbbells as you go through this series with our trainers.   

If you are just starting with us, check out each move and go at your own pace.  If you are one of our regulars then you know the drill………no holding back.

In order to maximize your results with this 30-minute workout, aim to get it done at least 4 times this week (or really challenge yourself and fit in 6 times!) and your legs will be leaner (and your shorts will be shorter!) than you’ve ever imagined.  


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