Hot5 Workout of the Week – Show Off Your Arms

Show off Your Arms – Workout of the Week

Show off Your Arms

Equipment: Dumbbells

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  1. Full Body Warm Up by Gerren in Abs & Core
  2. Dumbbell Dexterity by Andrey in Muscle & Strength
  3. Super Body Strength by Andrey in Muscle & Strength
  4. Dynamic Power by Gerren in Muscle & Strength
  5. All About Planks by Gerren in Abs & Core
  6. Sun Salute by Miranda Yoga & Flexibility

It’s still sizzling outside and if you want your arms tank top ready, join us for the Show Off Your Arms Workout of the Week!

This 30-minute workout is going to challenge your arms using the entire length of every muscle. Because this upper body workout uses stability, forces you to utilize your core and is also multi-directional, you can expect to be fearlessly sleeveless in no time. You’ll use your own body weight in addition to dumbbells as you go through this series with our trainers.

Gerren will prep your muscles with his Full Body Warm Up. Andrey and Gerren will guide you through a sequence of moves from many angles and Miranda will catch you at the end for a yoga flavored stretch.

This workout is for everybody, so if you are new to our workouts, give each move a try and take a break when you need to. If you’ve been with us for a while, grab your dumbbells and dig in.

In order to maximize your results with this 30-minute workout, aim to get it done at least 4 times this week (or really challenge yourself and fit in 6 times!) and you’ll be fit, fierce, and fearless without sleeves every day of the week.


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