Hot5 Workout of the Week – Strong and Healthy Core


Equipment: Stability Ball

Tip: With Hot5 Premium you can favorite these workouts and then rearrange them in the Favorites tab to create a playlist.

  1. Full Dynamic Stretch by Miranda in Yoga & Flexibility
  2. Core Ball Sculpt by Loni in Abs & Core
  3. Amazing Abs by Victor in Abs & Core
  4. Action Core by Marc in Abs & Core
  5. Defined Abs & Core by Gerren in Abs & Core
  6. Full Body Stretch by Miranda in Yoga & Flexibility

It’s the height of summer and bathing suits are what you’re wearing! Join us for the Strong Core – Workout of the week!

This 30-minute workout is for men and women and it challenges your middle from every angle.

Miranda will start you off with a Full Dynamic Stretch, Loni, Victor, Marc and Gerren will take you through multiple planes of motion using your core as a stabilizer and then Miranda will meet you at the end for a Full Body Stretch.

You’ll work both lengthening and shortening contractions as you go through each of these functional core moves. This core workout uses mobility, stability and is multi-directional, so you’ll see some amazing results.

If you are just starting your fitness journey, go at your own pace and do as much as you can.  If you have been working out regularly, do your best to get in every rep ‘til the end.

To maximize your results, aim to get this core workout done at least 4 times this week! Or really challenge yourself and fit in 6 times!


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