Hot5, the Popular New Fitness App, Teams Up with MyFitnessPal to Give Users Access to Short, Effective Workouts, Track Calories Burned and Better Reach Fitness Goals



SAN FRANCISCO – Hot5, a new mobile app that offers short, effective video workouts with some of the nation’s top personal trainers, partnered with MyFitnessPal, the world’s largest health and fitness community, enabling users to link accounts to access and track workouts and count calories burned across both platforms.

Hot5 features 80 five-minute videos categorized for easy searching and list-building: abs & core, butt & legs, cardio & agility, muscle & strength, yoga & flexibility. Users can supplement their existing workout schedules with the highly-targeted routines to focus extra attention on certain areas of interest or build a complete workout from scratch specific to their personal fitness needs. Simply choose from the assortment of videos to create a “playlist” for back-to-back, uninterrupted workouts – whether looking for a 45-minute full-body workout, a 15-minute ab routine to supplement your daily jog or 30 minutes of yoga and stretching to help unwind.

“Fitness at your fingertips is a growing trend in today’s fast-paced, mobile world, but finding time to workout can be harder than ever,” said Hot5 CEO Vlad Margulis. “The good news, though, is even the busiest professional or full-time mom who can spare just a few minutes will see powerful results with Hot5’s short, high-intensity workouts that rev up your metabolism to keep burning calories even after the activity is complete depending on the exercise intensity.”

Bridging fitness and technology, Hot5 shows the sum of calories burned directly in MyFitnessPal diaries to help users easily track against calories consumed and monitor progress for better results.

“We are so excited to partner with Hot5, one of best new fitness apps on the market,” said MyFitnessPal CEO Mike Lee. “What’s great and different about Hot5 is the complete flexibility to workout wherever you are, for as long as you’d like. The format works so well with MyFitnessPal because it offers our users quick and easy access to a library of really effective workouts and then seamlessly syncs the calories burned to their diaries to show the direct impact and help them better reach their health and fitness goals.”

While other apps simply demonstrate how to do an exercise, Hot5 has the look and feel of a real trainer being right there with you, motivating, encouraging and leading you along. The high-production, DVD-quality videos show the trainers from various camera angles to help users understand and perfect the techniques. The trainers are masters in their methods and designed the workouts, ranging from beginner to expert, specifically for the effectiveness of the Hot5 mobile fitness experience.

Hot5’s sleek design offers complete ease of use and navigation, even for the tech-challenged. No sign-up or log-in required. As easy as download and workout! Get the app on iTunes for free, and visit to learn more and meet the trainers.

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